Armrest - pink - Anole

Armrest - pink - Anole


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This armrest can be used for customers who, for example, apply acrylic nails, gel nails or BIAB nails. It starts with the manicure where the customer can rest her arm on this armrest. She will tense her hand and fingers less because of the arm support. This will work well for you as a nail stylist. You can work ergonomically using the armrest and you will have fewer back complaints because you sit better at the table. You also do not have to lift the customer's hand. So this armrest can be used in your nail studio for all nail care!


This stylish but also practical armrest is high and therefore fits perfectly over your lamp in the nail studio or nail salon. Below are all dimensions of this armrest:

  • Armrest height: 12 cm
  • Top of armrest: 15 x 40 cm
  • Bottom of armrest: 22 x 46 cm