5 secrets every nail technician should know: Basic knowledge edition

Written by: Dewi Boetius



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Do you wonder if you know everything for sure? Have you taught yourself the trade and do you notice that you still run into problems and can't figure it out on YouTube? Then this message is definitely for you!

Nowadays you have terms like "bate clicks". I had no idea, but why not use it in one of my new blog posts, right? Since you're here, I thought we could discuss some facts, especially since our platform is for everyone. I often hear in the corridors: "Nail products SHOULD only be sold to professionals." However, I don't completely agree with that. When you look at the definition of a professional artist or nail technician, who decides that? Your diploma? But who says that your education is aware of ALL the latest developments? Perhaps you opted for the cheapest course available for financial reasons. And that's okay! Not everyone can invest in a complete education, in addition to all your other responsibilities.

The most important thing is that you continue to look critically at your work. And I'm not writing this to judge people! I actually respect nail stylists who have learned everything themselves and have become very good. Because yes, that is certainly possible. But what I often notice is that people teach themselves the wrong techniques and then receive complaints from customers, simply because they did not know how that could happen.

I hope I can help you a little with this post. There are a number of important things that determine whether you are professional:

  1. Awareness
  2. Stay critical
  3. Check basic knowledge
  4. Hygiene
  5. Gain experience

1. Awareness

This may sound obvious, but it is one of the most important things to ensure that you always remain careful. If you don't take this seriously enough, you can unknowingly cause allergies, for example. Be aware that you are working with someone else's body, whether it is your client's feet or his nails. It's no small thing that she trusts you. Be aware that you are cutting her skin when you remove the cuticles. Especially if you have learned everything from YouTube or Instagram. Ask yourself if anyone has checked on you to make sure everything is going well. There is a possibility that you do things that have always gone well until now, but then suddenly receive complaints from everyone. Especially when things are going well, it is worth investing in yourself by taking a course. And that does not have to be an extensive course, but a basic course, for example.

2. Stay critical

Remain critical of your own work at all times. Don't just look at the things you're not happy with, like me 😉, but don't be too quick to settle for what you've done. Because people quickly become satisfied with themselves, they often do not see where there is room for improvement. During courses we often see that people do not see certain imperfections. By watching other stylists, you can ask yourself questions and learn from others:

Why are her nails so straight? What do I see in my photo and how does it differ from theirs, his or hers?

Don't think that your work has to be exactly the same right away. Certainly not if you're just starting out. But it is important that you remain critical in order to grow. If you look at your own work in this way and practice a lot, you will make rapid progress.

Why is her design so detailed? Why does its chrome design shine more? Why do the eyes in that design stand out so much?

If you're looking at nail art designs, you can do your own research with these questions. For example, you may discover that you need to apply less gel polish to the tip to draw thinner, or that you are not using the right chrome top coat for your chrome designs. Maybe you should look more into drawing techniques on Pinterest, for example "How do I create shadows in eyes?"

Image from @biabbarstudio

Remember that techniques are always evolving and trends are always changing. This means that you are NEVER finished learning, no matter how good you are. And that doesn't mean you should feel inferior to others because you don't know something. It means that you are a sponge that absorbs everything in order to improve.

3. Basic knowledge

Always check whether you know the basic principles of our profession well. No hard feelings if not, because hey, you're already doing it and you've already built up a good clientele! A lot of people can't imitate that. However, it is important that you know what you are doing. Invest in a basic course, such as our manicure and basic training. But there are also other trainers who provide good basic training, such as Babe Studio, Biab Barstudio, Anastasia Ova, and many more!

In order to share some basic knowledge, we will soon discuss some basic knowledge in detail. So sign up for our newsletter so that you are informed when a new post is published!

4. Hygiene

It often surprises me that there are still stylists who believe in using one file for all. If you don't have many customers, I understand why you make that choice. But it's not a smart choice. It is possible that you miss a starting bacteria. If you don't realize this and you file on the nail, the bacteria will end up on the file. By using the same file for other clients, you can pass on the bacteria and end up with clients getting spots on their nails from the bacteria. To prevent this, it is best to use separate files for each customer. Use personal file boxes or freezer bags from Albert Heijn for this. A box looks a bit neater than a freezer bag!