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The BLOOOM is an online platform where stylists can come together to share their knowledge and creativity. We want to offer stylists the opportunity to learn on our platform and to discuss our profession together. EVERYONE is talented!
The challenge of The BLOOOM is to find the fire so that you can develop your own talents in the field of styling. By providing various tools, you can further develop yourself at your own pace and be inspired. 

The Bloom (Web)shop

BLOOOM - (WEB)SHOP offers a wide range of manicure, pedicure, and nail art products. We rigorously test all products in our Beauty Bar before making them available for purchase, carefully curating a collection of products that work seamlessly together. With our professional-grade products, you can perform high-quality treatments in your salon.

The BLOOOM Academy

At The BLOOOM - ACADEMY, we offer various masterclasses that will set you apart from others through a solid foundation and proper guidance. Elevate your skills and knowledge with our expert-led classes.

The BLOOOM - Beauty bar

At The BLOOOM - Beauty Bar, we create the ultimate experience, making our clients feel at home right away. Our passion for genuine and high-quality care comes naturally. Excellent customer service is a top priority for us. We want our customers to feel completely at ease and therefore provide a warm welcome and personalized attention. Our nail stylists are experts in their field and work with high-quality products. At The BLOOOM - Beauty Bar, your nails receive the attention they deserve. Whether you go for a classic French manicure or a challenging nail art creation, we ensure the perfect finish.

Meet the team


Dewi - aka Korocici - is the founder of The BLOOOM. She started the platform because she felt there was a lack of places where she could really go for nail art. Knowing what she would like to see, The BLOOOM was born out of her passion and desire. Dewi has always been creative, previously working as a tailor and visual merchandiser. After the birth of her second child, she decided to fully focus on nails. She worked at Lakwerk Amsterdam while starting up The BLOOOM. She wanted to share her experience as a nail artist, as well as her knowledge of products and working on fashion shoots and shows, to guide and inspire others in the fun world of nail art.


Nick Is the retail master within The BLOOOM. Nick is the one packing all the orders real real fast! He ensures that the store and its stock management run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Even though Nick is new to the nail industry, he is super excited to take in all the in's and out's of this industry, while taking The Blooom to the next level. His experience in opening and building various retail stores and its teams matches perfectly with us. 


Nina, also known as Nailglossip, is a valuable member of the team as a salon manager and webshop administrator. Her precision and creativity ensure that everything runs smoothly. With an eye for detail and high efficiency, she inspires with her creative ideas, making her a pleasure to work with. In short, Nina is instrumental in keeping the salon and webshop growing and thriving.

Meet the nail artists


Meet Dewi aka KOROCCICI! Owner Dewi - also called Korocici is a Pro Nail artist. She likes to go all out with glitter, gemstones and logos, but also finds a perfect BIAB with a good E-manicure super satisfying! EVERYTHING is possible with her!

Take a look at her instagram @korocici and book her by booking a PRO treatment.

Nail glossip

Meet NINA! Her style is mostly pastel and cute, graphic but classy and chic. Minimal with a preference for a nude base. But don't get it twisted, she's up for EVERYTHING! #allout

Check out her Instagram @nailglossip and book her for an ADVANCED treatment.

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2132 RJ Hoofddorp
the Netherlands


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