Upgrade your knowledge and skills: Whether you want to do your own nails as a hobby or explore the possibility of turning your passion into a profession, there is a fun and challenging learning path for everyone within our BLOOOM ACADEMY! We offer various masterclasses that can set you apart from others through a strong foundation and the right guidance.


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At BLOOOM ACADEMY we offer the best BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) classes. Our professional and challenging masterclasses are designed to take your BIAB skills to the next level. With our guidance and focus on quality and professionalism, you will distinguish yourself from others in this growing industry.

BIAB is the latest trend in nail styling and our classes will teach you how to master this technique. Our focus on a strong foundation and good guidance ensures that you quickly achieve success and turn your passion for nail styling into a lucrative career.

So if you're looking for the best BIAB classes, look no further than The BLOOOM Academy. Join our community of professionals and become a master of nail styling with our advanced masterclasses.