Biab classes

The original BIAB formula was developed by The GelBottle, a leading manufacturer of nail products. And as the official point of sale of The GelBottle, The BLOOOM offers the original and authentic version of this popular technique. At The BLOOOM we not only offer the best quality, but also training for The GelBottle's BIAB treatments.
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      Long-lasting nail strengthening with All-in-One BIAB

      Discover The GelBottle's revolutionary DesignEx PRO extension system with the All-in-One BIAB (Builder In A Bottle). The Clear All In One BIAB™ contains 50% less HEMA than other products, so you don't suffer from heat peaks and can enjoy the same self-leveling and super strong results. This clear soak-off BIAB™ is the only gel you need to apply and touch up your DesignEx PRO™ tips. Moreover, you no longer need a base coat! Clear All In One BIAB™ offers an efficient and fast solution for creating beautiful nails.