Discover the top quality crystals from Bluestreak Crystals. The crystals are the perfect nails, makeup and to make the teeth shine and sparkle. With Bluestreak Crystals you are assured of the highest quality and the largest range of lead-free crystals. Choose the perfect shine with our crystals!
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      A pioneer in crystal and jewelry stones, Preciosa has been seamlessly blending ancient traditions with the latest innovative technologies for five centuries to create crystals and fine jewelry stones of unparalleled quality. It is a proud legacy for Preciosa to introduce Bohemian crystal and fine jewelry stones to the world.

      Serinity Crystals, launched in 2022, offers the highest quality crystals with extra facets and platinum foil from Austria. This results in unparalleled brilliance and sparkle, comparable to the world's leading crystal brands. The Serinity Crystals range includes a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, making them perfect for nail art and jewelery embellishment. Discover the beauty of these new crystals that are the perfect choice for a unique and radiant appearance.