Peacci offers professional quality products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. From highly pigmented nail polishes to their bestselling Gel’ous Topcoat, Peacci provides a beautiful range to make your nails look fantastic.
& For many popular The GelBottle gel polish colors, you will find a color match at Peacci.
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      FAQ Peacci

      No, Peacci nail polish is not a gel polish and falls under regular nail polish. This dries automatically and you don't need a UV or LED lamp.

      Although a base coat and top coat, unlike gel polish, are not mandatory, you will only get the best (and the promised result) if you use both.

      The Peacci Base Coat and Peacci Gel'ous Top Coat are designed to improve the adhesion of the Peacci Nail Polish to the nail plate and protect the color from chipping with gel-like properties.

      A UV or LED nail lamp is not needed for Peacci products, but it can improve the curing process of the Gel'ous Top Coat due to its gel-like properties.

      Absolute! All Peacci products are vegan and not tested on animals, therefore cruelty free. We love our furry friends!

      at The Blooom

      At The Blooom we proudly present Peacci's high-quality products. Peacci polishes are known for their long wearability (for regular polish) and beautiful colors.

      All products are vegan and cruelty free, perfect for the nail tech conscious who does not want to compromise on quality or ethics.

      Peacci + TGB

      Did you know Peacci nail polish colors are formulated to match the corresponding TGB gel polish shades?

      That's right! Peacci is part of The GelBottle brand, allowing you to seamlessly transition between Peacci regular nail polish and TGB gel polish.