Seche Vite

In 1991, Seche Vite® Dry Fast Top Coat set the standard with its patented technology that dries nail polish faster. This did not go unnoticed: nail stylists and consumers quickly became fans of the brand. Seche Vite subsequently developed innovative products that only strengthened its status as a market leader. Today, Seche Vite remains a favorite among professionals and lovers of beautiful nails, thanks to its unique formula and excellent quality. Meet the brand that changed the nail world forever: Seche Vite.
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      Do you want to be assured of top results during photo shoots and fashion shows? Then this top coat is exactly what you are looking for. It dries super quickly and has a slightly thicker structure, so you can correct any mistakes in no time. The top coat also provides a gel-like shine to your nails. Wondering what else you need to create the perfect look for shoots and shows? We have everything you need in-house!