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We are an online nail platform that focuses on sharing knowledge. Thanks to our experience and expertise in the field of nail styling, we know exactly which products are of high quality. That is why we have decided to also release our own products. Our products are not only of high quality, but also designed to take your branding and videos to the next level. Our goal is to grow together with you and get the best out of each other using our products.
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      FUN FACT:

      Did you know that BLOOOM started as an online nail art platform? We are there for everyone who loves nails and creativity. The first product we released is the Double headed fineliner Brush, a brush with two sides - a short and a long liner - specially designed for beginners in the nail art world. We understand better than anyone that the right tools are essential for creating the perfect nail art. That's why we developed the Fineliner Brush, so that even beginners can easily achieve professional results. Discover our online nail platform and the Fineliner Brush, and let your creativity run wild!