The prices of the lessons and product packages are shown on the Academy page and the specific product pages of the programs and courses. 

After completing the class, course or program, you will need to make a set at home without any guidance. Once you are able to apply everything you have learned, we will grant and send you your certificate. You will receive assistance until you have achieved this.

If you are not sure which class suits you best, do not hesitate to contact us at . We can discuss your skills and experience with you to advise which class suits you best. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and help you make the right decision when choosing the right class.

This is possible. Please contact us for more information:

Please note: The full amount must be paid 14 days before the startdate. In this way we can reserve the place - or offer it to someone else if necessary.

Click here to see the kits & packs for the classes, courses and programs. 

If you already have some items from your kit, you can purchase the remaining items with a 15% discount for your class.

Click here to see the kits & packs for the classes, courses and programs

You can certainly use your own tools and materials for the classes, courses and programs. 

Usually not. But in some cases this might be possible. For more information, see the cancellation policy.

You can join a different class for one day if this suits your schedule better.

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