What's trending? Airbrush nail art: here are 5 designs you should try!

3D nail art designs by @dokinails_ and @nailsbycindyxo

There's a new girl in town and she's called airbrush! You may already know the phenomenon 'airbrush' from body painting, spray tanning and painting walls, but it is also available in a nail art format! And we at The Blooom are very happy with that. For a while now we have been seeing more and more innovative nail art designs, from aura nails to ombres and designs with different figures, you can't imagine anything so crazy! The airbrush makes performing many different nail art techniques much easier, as we like it!

What exactly can you do with an airbrush? We have collected five different designs for you for inspiration. From simple looks to designs for more advanced nail tech, we got you!

Aura nails

Enter the wonderful world of Aura Nails - the ideal start to working with an airbrush! It's amazing how simplicity and impressiveness can go hand in hand. But wait, add a touch of chrome powder and voilà, you have a breathtaking design! This enchanting set was created by none other than the talented nailtech @ vdw.nails , straight from the city of love - Paris!

Aura nails made by @vdw.nails
@vdw.nails, Paris (France)​​

Level up with flowers

Want to add a little more flair to your airbrush designs? Then go for an extra addition such as these tropical flowers, made by @sulysnailograph from Washington, United States. This combination of nude, white and pink is always a hit!

Tropical flower design by @ sulysnailography from Yelm, United States
@sulysnailography, Yelm (Washington, USA)​

Blobs 'n bubbles

At The Blooom we love surprising 3D effects. And this airbrush variant is no exception! Get started and create beautiful layers by creating a color pattern with the airbrush. Cover the whole thing with an opaque white gel polish and use acetone to selectively remove parts and reveal your design! Finish with a top coat and apply a transparent 3D gel to the colored areas for the ultimate 3D effect. Be sure to try Colortone's fantastic 3D jelly's for this!

This set was made by the talented @cknails all the way in France. If you happen to take a trip to Cannes this summer, you should definitely visit her! She is definitely worth discovering.

Pink and green
@cknailz, Cannes (France)​​

Negative French

If colors are your thing, then this is the perfect design for you! Ombre can sometimes be a challenge, but with the airbrush it will be your new BFF to create a beautiful transition. And let's take it one step further and make it a French design. It may look complicated, but with this technique you will impress your customers!

Let's start by creating a base for the color transition and letting it harden properly. Then you apply a second layer with different colors that contrast with the colors of the first layer. You do not need to harden this layer. Use a correction brush and acetone to blend out the french to create the desired shape.

The credits for this set go to @sugamama_nailz from Strasbourg, France!

Negative reverse french by @sugamama_nailz
@sugamama_nailz, Strasbourg (France).

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