Laffy taffy - NN SOFT builder
Laffy taffy - NN SOFT builder
Laffy taffy - NN SOFT builder

Laffy taffy - NN SOFT builder


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Are you looking for high-quality products to strengthen your natural nails? And at the same time, do you want to save smartly by using a builder that is available in beautiful colors? Then get to know the SOFT builders by Colortone .

We would like to introduce you to " Laffy taffy " - a touch of sweetness for all your creations. This soft and pink shade takes your #nail game to a whole new level. Unleash your creativity with Laffy taffy, where beauty and art meet.

What can you achieve with this versatile SOFT builder?

  1. Strengthen your natural nails : correct the apex and strengthen your nails in a natural way.

  2. Overlay for extra reinforcement : use it as an overlay under your regular gel polish for even more durability.

  3. Perfect for Nail Art : Our SOFT builders are not only functional but also fantastic for nail art. For example, " Noir " is the perfect color as a base for applying chrome.

Some important features at a glance:

  • Suitable for short nails : ideal for short nails, so that everyone can enjoy strong and beautiful nails.

  • Flexibility : These builders are exceptionally flexible, which allows for comfortable wearability.

  • Soakable : easy to remove without damaging the natural nail.

  • Medium viscosity : the perfect balance between easy application and precise control.

  • Low acidity : very safe to use.

Tip : do you want to get the best out of these SOFT builders? Use the SOFT file or a PRO Medium bit in combination with these builders for professional results.

Contents: 15ml

How do you use the NN SOFT builder?

Step 1
Perform a manicure, clean the nail by degreasing it and apply the Colortone PH bond .

Step 2 
Apply a PRO Base, such as the Colortone Rubber base . Cure it for 60 seconds in the LED lamp. If you use a different rubber base, cure it according to the instructions for use.

Step 3
Apply a coat of NN SOFT builder to the nail and let it harden in the LED lamp for 90 seconds.

Step 4
Paint a thin layer with a small amount of the NN SOFT builder (do not allow to harden).

Step 5
Bring the NN SOFT builder to the spreading layer and build up the nail.

Step 6 
Let the NN SOFT builder cure in the LED lamp for 90 seconds with a LOW HEAT mode.

Step 7
Now apply a PRO TOP such as the Colortone No wipe top coat , let it harden for 60 seconds in the LED lamp.

Make the nicest creations with this color and tag us with #BLOOOMGEAR and #COLORTONE