3D Sculptor - Clear
3D Sculptor - Clear

3D Sculptor - Clear


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Are you looking for a product to expand your 3D nail art arsenal? Then the 3D Sculptor is an absolute must-have for you! This clear malleable gel is incredibly versatile and will make a valuable addition to your nail art kit.

The 3D Sculptor has a firm consistency, but is surprisingly easy to model. Whether you are looking to create refined and delicate designs or achieve a more robust finish, this sculptor is always by your side. Its versatility and user-friendliness make this Sculptor the ideal partner to bring your nail art designs to life.

With the 3D Sculptor you can distinguish yourself as a nail artist and take your creations to a whole new level! Distinguish yourself as a nail artist and #LEVELUP with the 3D Sculptor!

How do you use the 3D Sculptor?

Step 1: Complete your design as normal. You can apply the sculptor before or after the top coat.

Step 2: Take the right amount of sculptor from the jar with a spatula. For example, use the Fella spatula or spoon for this!

Step 3: Make a ball, apply it to the nail with light pressure, and start sculpting! Once you are satisfied with the shape, let the nails harden for 60 seconds under an LED UV lamp.

Step 4: Top off your design with a top coat and let it harden according to the instructions. For example, if you use the Extreme Shine Topcoat, let it harden for 60 seconds under an LED UV lamp. You can also use a matte top coat to create a very cool matte effect.