Manicure tweezer scissors
Manicure tweezer scissors
Manicure tweezer scissors

Manicure tweezer scissors


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Are you looking for a good sheet-fed pliers? Do you want a cuticle nipper for, for example, a natural nail treatment or for a good manicure? Are you looking for a Staleks cuticle nipper? This Staleks cuticle nipper is specially made for a professional nail stylist!

THE MANICURE TWEEZER SCISSORS are an intermediate model between sheet-fed pliers and manicure scissors. You cut with the same attitude as with sheet-fed pliers, but they have the same blades as manicure scissors. These scissors have curved cutting blades for extra precision during the manicure. Because the ANOLE manicure scissors have a matte finish, it is pleasant for you as a nail stylist to work and the scissors do not slip out of your hand.

The Manicure Tweezer Scissors are made of Japanese stainless steel. This Tweezer is not suitable for cutting nails and make sure that the protective cover is always placed on the tip of the scissors after use to protect it.

  • Full length: 11.5 cm
  • Cutting surface: 2.5 cm 

NB! ANOLE instruments are super sharp!

Be careful when using an ultrasonic cleaner. Carefully place your pliers in an ultrasonic device or in a holder so that the vibration or impact does not blunt the pliers!