Ball 1.8mm - Diamond Bit
Ball 1.8mm - Diamond Bit

Ball 1.8mm - Diamond Bit


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Unleash the power of the perfect e-manicure with our special bit! Whether you want to take your natural nail treatment to the next level or perfect your combination manicure, this bit is the game changer you need. With this magical tool you can effortlessly perform a Russian manicure or combination manicure.

What do you use a Ball 1.8 mm bit for?

  • Removing the cuticles and polishing the cuticle during the manicure or pedicure.
  • Electrical removal of the "collar".
  • Reducing/removing calluses on the skin around the nail.
  • For right and left-handed users.
  • Speed: Maximum between 9 thousand and 15 thousand revolutions. This depends on your device!
  • Diameter of the ball is 1.8mm.
  • Disinfect your mouthguard after EVERY customer. We also recommend using multiple prep bits. This way you can easily switch between your customers.

Diamond bit basics:

Diamond bits are prep bits and are used on the natural nail for electric manicures.

  • Yellow : Extra soft grit for thin skin/cuticles
  • Red : Soft grit for thin skin/cuticles
  • Blue : Medium grit for rougher skin/cuticles
  • Number of millimeters represents the size of the diameter
  • Replace your mouthguards every 2 to 4 months to ensure that you can make optimal use of your mouthguard. If your mouthguard is worn out, you cannot perform a treatment accurately and quickly.