Barbicide - Dip bottle 1000 ml

Barbicide - Dip bottle 1000 ml


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The 1.1 liter bottle is ideal for all instruments, tools, combs and brushes. This bottle is equipped with a stainless steel dipper - just like the 620 ml bottle - where you can easily place the instruments to be cleaned and then immerse them.

The dimensions are: 10.8 cm diameter, 29.2 cm high

Use the Barbicide concentrate for disinfection in this dipping bottle.


  • Step 1. Take the bottle and 60cc of Barbicide concentrate and then fill it with 1 liter of water.
  • Step 2. Immerse the instruments or tools to be treated in the bottle and let them work for at least 5 minutes. After disinfecting, rinse the materials or surfaces with clean water.

Change Barbicide daily!