Dogbane Leaf - Pigment
Dogbane Leaf - Pigment

Dogbane Leaf - Pigment


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Looking for the perfect pigments to take your nail art to the next level? Meet Dogbane Leaf ! Our pigments have been specially developed for nail art and are suitable for both simple and next-level designs. With a content of 0.5 grams per jar you can experiment endlessly. So stop searching and discover the possibilities with our pigments!

How do you use this pigment powder?

Step 1 : Complete your manicure so that you have a clean and neat base before starting the gel application.

Step 2 : Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure completely in the lamp. The curing time may differ per brand.

Step 3 : Now apply a thin layer of base color to the nail and cure it completely in the lamp.

Tip! Applying the pigment to a light or dark color can influence how Dogbane Leaf looks on the nail. Therefore, always test how it goes together with the color you want to use as a background. We recommend applying Dogbane Leaf on a black base color because the pigment is deep in color.

Step 4 : Apply a thin layer Chrome Top Coat to the nail, and harden it half from the recommended time.

Step 5 : Rub the pigment with a glitter brush or eyeshadow applicator on the nail, and remove the excess powder with a clean brush or brush.

Step 6 : After rubbing, the hand can be placed in the lamp again to allow the gel polish to harden completely. After this, go over the nail again with a clean brush to ensure that there is no loose powder left on the nail.

Step 7 : It is important to seal the nail with two layers of topcoat to keep the color beautiful and prevent the gel from chipping. Apply a layer of top coat to the nail, cure completely, and repeat again.