Elbow support round - Pink
Elbow support round - Pink

Elbow support round - Pink


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This elbow support gives you as a nail technician a lot of comfort. It ensures that you have a good working posture while working and that you do not suffer from elbow pain. An elbow support contributes to ergonomic working. Do you suffer from elbow pain while working as a nail stylist? Then this is the solution!

ANOLE elbow supports are stylish and have the best quality lining and fabric. The lining in the elbow support is made of special material. When you apply pressure you will not feel any wood or table, but only soft fabric. It is pressure point resistant, so there will be no calluses on your elbow. All elbow supports are made by hand, so there are absolutely no factory defects. The quality is checked on every elbow support. ANOLE stands for quality!


There are two options you can choose when purchasing an elbow support from ANOLE. You can choose that the elbow support slides with your elbow or that we add something extra so that the armrest does not slide. It's your choice what you like best!


  • Elbow support diameter: 15 cm


This elbow support is easy to use. By regularly wiping the elbow support with a disinfectant without acetone, the elbow support will still look good for a number of years. This armrest can be cleaned with alcohol, but it is not acetone resistant!

Save €5 when purchasing one whole set (1 x armrest + 1 x elbow rest)