Paintgel Silver Metallic

Paintgel Silver Metallic


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If you are looking for the perfect paint gel for designs with a chrome look, look no further! Our collaboration with Colortone has led to the development of a unique silver paint gel with a metallic effect. This paint gel is super pigmented, so perfect for nail art designs! Think of silver swirls, details, figures. Nothing is too crazy! A must-have if you ask us!

This paint gel is also available in black , rose gold and white gold .

So, if you are looking for a high-quality silver paint gel, then this paint gel is for you. Add it to your art gear and create the most beautiful nail art designs you have ever seen!

The contents of this jar are 5ml .

How do you use this paint gel?

Step 1 : Complete your manicure so that you have a clean and neat base before you start applying the gel polish.

Step 2 : Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure completely in the lamp. The curing time may differ per brand.

Step 3 : Now apply a thin layer of base color to the nail and cure it completely in the lamp.

Step 4 : Apply the paint gel with a liner brush in the desired shape, or with a flat brush to paint a larger surface of the nail. Cure completely in the lamp (60 sec. LED, 120 sec. UV).

Step 6 : It is important to seal the nail with two layers of topcoat to keep the color beautiful and prevent the gel from chipping. Apply a layer of top coat to the nail, cure completely, and repeat again.