Promed - LTL 749 LED Table Lamp
Promed - LTL 749 LED Table Lamp
Promed - LTL 749 LED Table Lamp
Promed - LTL 749 LED Table Lamp

Promed - LTL 749 LED Table Lamp


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Good lighting is very important! The Promed LTL 749 LED table lamp is small and provides the right lighting for your treatments! Do you want to buy a good LED table lamp? The Promed LTL 749 LED table lamp?

The multi-dimensional three-sided adjustment of the PROMED LED table lamp allows you to accurately direct the light and provides optimal illumination of the workplace.

The three-step dimmer allows you to adjust the light intensity of the lamp to your personal needs.


  • Very bright and even lighting (no eye strain and a relaxed working environment)
  • Perfect light color
  • Easy to use in the workplace, on the table/desk or in the bedroom
  • Dimming the brightness on 3 levels at the touch of a button
  • Multi-dimensional adjustment over 3 axes
  • 360 degree adjustable LED bar
  • High Quality Long Life LED tube: approximately 40,000 hours
  • Energy savings compared to traditional lamps
  • LED lamp with integrated glare protection for the eyes
  • Frame made of high-quality aluminum
  • Non-slip base, part and stylish design

Technical data:

  • Dimensions of the LED rod: approximately 33 cm long
  • Dimensions: forearm +/- 43 cm, upper part +/- 40 cm
  • Color temperature: approx. 5,000 K (neutral white)
  • Luminous flux: 360 lm
  • color rendering index (CRI): >80
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V~
  • 2 year warranty.