Rough Skin Formula - 125ml
Rough Skin Formula - 125ml

Rough Skin Formula - 125ml


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Our advanced formula, enriched with Clotrimazole, a powerful antifungal agent, has been specially developed to relieve the symptoms of fungal infections. Whether it concerns cracks, flaking skin, itching or irritations caused by athlete's foot, our Rough Skin Formula provides effective care and protection.

FOOTLOGIX® ROUGH SKIN FORMULA with Dermal Infusion Technology® is the proven formula for caring for and protecting dry and rough skin against fungal infections

Contents: 125ml

• The non-occlusive mousse is immediately absorbed by the skin and does not leave a greasy film

• Footwear can be worn immediately after application: Apply & done!

• Not tested on animals

Hold the spray can vertically and shake well before use

• Apply sparingly: the amount of mousse does not have to be larger than a walnut

• For best results, apply both morning and evening

Learn all about it Dermal Infusion Technology® :
• Discover the mechanism that sends the active ingredients directly through the stratum corneum, deep into the skin layers.

• Experience the technology that ensures that the active ingredients reach exactly where they are needed in the skin.

The products do not leave a greasy layer that can 'close' the skin.
The skin is hydrated and can resume its normal functions.
Footlogix ensures healthy, cared for feet.