Shoe Fresh Deodorant Spray - 125ml
Shoe Fresh Deodorant Spray - 125ml

Shoe Fresh Deodorant Spray - 125ml


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Pump spray with tea tree oil effectively kills bacteria that cause odors. Has a refreshing perfume. The deodorant does not damage leather or textiles.

FOOTLOGIX® SHOE FRESH Diffuser with Tea-Tree Oil is proven effective in killing odor-causing bacteria in all types of shoes

• Neutralises foot odors and has a refreshing perfume


Contents: 125ml

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake the atomizer vigorously

• Hold the atomizer vertically and place the spout in the shoes

• Spray 2 to 3 times briefly and quickly

• Let the shoes air dry for 1 to 2 minutes

• Works best in combination with Footlogix FOOT FRESH SPRAY , once or twice a day

Learn all about it Dermal Infusion Technology® :
• Discover the mechanism that sends the active ingredients directly through the stratum corneum, deep into the skin layers.

• Experience the technology that ensures that the active ingredients reach exactly where they are needed in the skin.

The products do not leave a greasy layer that can 'close' the skin.
The skin is hydrated and can resume its normal functions.
Footlogix ensures healthy, cared for feet.