Summer Gradient Foil - Multicolor

Summer Gradient Foil - Multicolor


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With the Summer Gradient Foil you can create a cool and unique pattern on your nails in no time. Applying the foil is super easy, and you don't need any complicated tools. In fact, you can simply apply the foil with your fingers!

The transfer foils are available in different designs, so you can always find a pattern that suits your style. Whether you are looking for a subtle form of nail art or a striking design, everything is possible with these foils! Because the films have a size of 4 cm x 120 cm, you can use them multiple times and you can always create new designs.

How do you use a foil?

Step 1: Complete your manicure so that you have a clean and neat base before starting the gel application.

Step 2 : Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure completely in the lamp. The curing time may differ per brand.

Step 3 : Now apply a thin layer of base color and cure it completely.

Tip! It is best to use a color that is similar to the color of the foil for better coverage.

Step 4 : Apply a layer of foil glue and cure completely.

Step 5 : Apply the foil to the nail with a pressing movement.

Step 6 : Seal the nail with two layers of top coat. Apply a thin layer of top coat, cure it in the lamp and then repeat again.