FoilX - Foil Gel
FoilX - Foil Gel
FoilX - Foil Gel

FoilX - Foil Gel


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This foil gel provides a good adhesive layer to properly apply a foil with print, for example.

Choose from two sizes: 20 ml  for extra painting fun or 7 ml  for the perfect mini manicure. With the large version you can paint approximately 110 sets and with the mini version a maximum of 40 sets. The gel polish from The Gelbottle is a 100% complete gel system that lasts up to 4 weeks and is easy and safe to remove. Trust us, this top coat is the solution for perfect and long-lasting nails!

How do you use this foil glue?

Step 1: Complete your manicure so that you have a clean and neat base before starting the gel application.

Step 2 : Apply a thin layer of 2-in-1 base coat and cure completely in the lamp (90 sec. LED, 180 sec. UV).

Step 3: If you are working with transparent films, apply a thin layer of base color and cure completely.

Step 4: Apply a thin layer FoilX - Foil Gel on. Do not seal the nail yet and let it harden completely. Depending on the strength of your lamp, the curing time for the most optimal adhesive layer can be between 40 and 60 seconds (LED 60 sec and UV 120 sec) .

Step 5: Apply the foil with a pressing movement.

Step 6: Bring the Extreme Shine Top coat and let it harden completely in the lamp (60 sec. LED, 180 sec. UV). This step ensures that the nails become high-shine and are protected against scratches and chipping. And because this to coat a no-wipe top coat, you do not have to remove the adhesive layer after curing.

TIP: Seal the nail preferably twice by repeating step 6 again!

Step 7: Apply cuticle oil to care for the cuticles and skin. Applying it daily prevents lifting and chipping of your gel polish, so your nails stay beautiful for longer.