Tired Leg Formula - 125ml
Tired Leg Formula - 125ml

Tired Leg Formula - 125ml


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Discover the benefits of FOOTLOGIX® TIRED LEG FORMULA with Dermal Infusion Technology®:

Avoid tired legs with our formula with vasoactive properties. This product is particularly suitable for people who wear compression stockings, as it does not damage the elastic fibres.

Contents: 125 ml

• Compatible with support stockings - does not affect their function.

• The airy mousse is immediately absorbed by the skin, without leaving a greasy layer.

• After application, you can immediately put on your shoes - it's quick and easy!

• Not tested on animals.

Hold the spray can vertically and shake it well before use.

  • Apply the mousse sparingly - an amount the size of a walnut is sufficient.

  • For best results, apply the mousse both morning and evening.

Learn all about it Dermal Infusion Technology® :

  • Discover the mechanism that sends the active ingredients directly through the stratum corneum, deep into the skin layers.

  • Experience the technology that ensures that the active ingredients reach exactly where they are needed in the skin.


  • No greasy layer to suffocate the skin - our products allow the skin to breathe.
  • Hydration that allows the skin to resume its normal functions.
  • Footlogix provides healthy, cared for feet that you will embrace.