3D nail art is hot: here are 6 designs we absolutely love!

3D nail art designs by @dokinails_ and @nailsbycindyxo

As a wholesaler with a passion for nail art, we are surprised every day by the endless creativity in the nail world. In 2023, the possibilities for nail art are truly limitless, everything is possible! And let's not forget the amazing world of 3D nail art . With this unique form of nail art you literally create a new dimension!

We have listed five incredibly cool 3D nail art designs for you. Save them as inspiration for your next favorite client or try them on your own nails! Give free rein to your creativity and discover the magic of 3D nail art.

From hello kitty to swords and futuristic blobs, there's something for everyone. Push your limits, experiment and give your nails a unique twist with these sensational designs.

So, are you ready to add a new dimension to your nail art collection? Be inspired by these five amazing designs and create nails that exceed everyone's expectations!

hello kawaii: hello kitty

Are you a fan of 3D nail art with a sparkling twist? Then we have the perfect combination for you: Hello Kitty meets dazzling gems and figures! This irresistible set was designed by the talented @nissanailedit from vibrant Chicago.

3D hello kitty nail art design done by @nissanailedit
@nissanailedit, Chicago (USA)​​

hand sculpted mario,luigi and yoshi!

Do you love creating figures and characters? Then you should definitely check out the nail art designs from @nailsalonpucci . This Japanese nail tech is a master in manually sculpting fictional characters. From this super cool Mario set to minions and Tom & Jerry, @nailsalonpucci can do it all!

3D Mario, Luigi and Yoshi nail art design, done by @nailsalonpucci in Tokyo.
@nailsalonpucci, Tokyo (Japan)​​

modern color blocking: blobs

Ready to take your nails to a new level with a 3D nail art design that isn't too extravagant? Say hello to these trendy blobs ! Combine them with a chrome French or go for a full chrome look and choose contrasting colors. Voilà, your new style is born!

This awesome set was designed by none other than our soon to be ambassador @dokinails_ from Amsterdam. With her creative talent and unmistakable style, she knows exactly how to take nails to the next level.

Pink and green
@dokinails_, Amsterdam (NL)​​

rolling stones say what?!

Are you increasingly speechless by the 3D nail art designs with lifelike accents that you see nowadays? Take for example this amazing set from @glazednails_official . We think this lip-tastic look with toothgem accent is so cool!

Would you like to create a similar design? Then you should definitely check out our Cookie Dough products! With these magical ingredients in hand, you can create your own masterpiece that rivals the awesomeness of @glazednails_official.

Real-life 3D nail art design done by @glazednails_official
@glazednails_official, Amsterdam (NL)​​

3d fairycore

Step into an enchanting world full of soft, fairy-inspired looks that will make your heart beat faster! Fairytales pack your bags , because this 3D nail art design is simply awesome! All credits go to the talented @nailsbycindyxo from Richmond, USA. She knows better than anyone how to give your nails a unique look, with a touch of softness and a dose of badass vibes.

Fairycore 3D nail art design done by @nailsbycindyxo
@naisbycindyxo, Richmond (USA)​​

bad ass 3d babe

This design is a real eye-catcher. This mega talented nail tech has created a monochrome look, with a good dose of #badass using sword gems, silver pearls and piercing studs!

This Las Vegas nail tech @hollywiththegoodnails knows exactly how to give nails an extraordinary look. Check her out!

Black and silver sword 3D design done by @hollywiththegoodnails
@hollywiththegoodnails, Las Vegas (USA)​​

products you need to create flawless 3D nail art:

It's always a challenge if you've never made 3D art before and you're wondering where to start and most importantly: HOW? The most important thing is that you have a vivid vision of how you can add extra dimension to your designs.
After you've figured out what kind of 3D art you want to create, the next step is determining which products you want to use.

Want to keep it simple?
Then first start with a normal top coat. You can always start by applying a 3D effect by "thickening" some places with a top coat. Preferably use a No wipe top coat.

You can also use, for example, a transparent gel to mix with gel polish, so that you can create any possible color. However, keep in mind that this can make the design a bit heavier, and if you don't take the build up into account, the nails can break more quickly. Another option is to use a gel specially developed for 3D art. This method is often used to create structures or reliefs.

Level up!

Do you want to build something higher and do you like graphic 3D effects ? Then Colortone's 3D Jelly's are for you. For example, you can use this to create beautiful rings by polishing silver or gold-colored chrome. The 3D jelly does not have an adhesive layer!

Next level designs?
Do you want to create 3D figures ? Then take a look at our different Cookie Dough colors. Available in multiple colours. O

Or use the Clear adhesive gel from Anole. Although this gel is actually intended to secure extensions, trust us: this is exactly what you need when you want to build something. Make sure your workspace is dust-free!

Are you, like us, crazy about pearls and gems ? Then the Colortone Gel UV Glue is your new BFF!

Are you completely inspired and do you also want to get started with 3D nail art ? We have listed a number of must-haves for you!