What's Hot?! The trending colors for spring/summer 2023

Display of 3 trending colors for spring/summer 2023.
Sources from left to right: Glamour, Thetrendspotter.net, Elle Australia.

Spring and summer 2023 are just around the corner and that means it's time to refresh your wardrobe with this season's trending colors ! But we're not The Blooom if we don't provide you with matching nails, so here you go!

Whether you're a seasoned professional in the nail industry or just love beautiful nails, now is the time to experiment with this season's most trending colors. Make your nails stand out with a fiery red color, or opt for a soft blue shade for a subtle yet striking look.

Especially for you, we have listed the most trending colors declared by the color expert Pantone . Let your designs shine and get ready for spring and summer 2023 with these trending colors from The Gelbottle and Anole. Here are some of our favorite outfits and matching manicures:

Sources from The BLOOOM​​

We mainly see bright colors in combination with softer shades, mainly in warm tones. These colors are perfect for experimenting with and creating unique designs that completely match the current trends.

Which colors do we recommend for this summer?
Think deep coral pink shades, soft peach colours, vibrant orange and rich green tones. And don't forget the popular pastel colors, such as light blue and soft pink, which are perfect for a subtle but stylish look. View our tips here:

Spring/summer color: RED


Red outfit and manicure inspiration for spring/summer 2023.
Source: Left - Vogue.com & Right - Bonfire (The Gelbottle) used by @andbeautyco

In Spring/Summer 2023 we will see an all-time classic trend: red gel polish in all kinds of different shades and finishes. From classic red to deep burgundy and from glossy to matte, there is something for everyone. And did you know that red nail polish has been popular for centuries? In ancient Egypt, women used a type of red nail polish made from henna, while in ancient China, red nail polish was used to indicate a woman's social status. Nowadays, red nail polish is a timeless classic that completes any outfit and provides an instant boost of self-confidence.

Spring/summer color: Orange

Rave On

Orange outfit and manicure inspiration for spring/summer 2023.
Source: Left - The Zoe Report & Right - Rave On, Peach Daiquiri, Rio & Caipirinha used by @artdecom

Orange is one of the spring summer colors that is often associated with football and King's Day in the Netherlands. But orange is also a great color to use in nail art designs. It gives a retro summer vibe and is perfect for adding a playful element to your look. Rave on and Peach daiquiri are the orange shades used above.

Spring/summer color: Green


Green outfit and manicure inspiration for spring/summer 2023.
Source: Left - karyastreetstyle & Right - Bottega (The Gelbottle) used by @_nailsbyemmaa_​​

A matching design can complete an outfit and give it the finishing touch needed to look completely trendy. This season is all about playing with colors and experimenting with unexpected combinations. Green gel polish is a perfect example of this. Not only is green a fresh and vibrant color, it can also make a statement in your look. Whether you go for a subtle pastel green or a bright lime green, there are so many possibilities to experiment. For example, combine a lime green gel polish with a white or black outfit for a fresh, striking look. Or choose a warm olive green, perfect for a casual, yet stylish outfit. The possibilities are endless with Fragile Sprout from Anole and Bottega from The GelBottle.

Make sure you come up with a good design for your customers and let them shine in trendy spring-summer colors . Try to go outside your comfort zone and create color combinations that you wouldn't think of yourself. #COLORBLOCKING This will ensure that your customers will really stand out. So go wild for your customers! After all, they are your calling card!

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