Discover the dream behind The BLOOOM: A platform for everyone!

Hey you!

Welcome to The BLOOOM! If you arrived at this page, you are probably looking for more information about nails and perhaps about us as a company. That is why we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

My name is Dewi Boetius and I am the founder of The BLOOOM. I am 39 years old, mother of two children and have been happy with my partner Nick for ten years. I have a background in retail, as a visual merchandiser, and I wanted to create an online store where I would like to shop. A webshop with innovative products, including colors that are also suitable for dark skin tones. And a store where I can go for nail art products. And that's how The BLOOOM was born!

"REBRANDING: Out with the old.. in with the new!"

You might wonder where our name comes from. To be honest, I already had a logo in my head and I wanted to find a word with 3x the letter "O" because that would fit nicely. We have now undergone a rebranding and our old logo can only be seen on the products we have previously released. This will remain the case because I like to see the old logo again. After all, it's my baby and literally the start of everything!

On this blog I and my team share knowledge and discuss various topics so that we can grow together. It is our dream to create a platform where we can motivate, encourage and, above all, work together. There are many women in our industry and we believe that we should work more together instead of against each other. After all, we are all colleagues and there are enough customers for all of us.

What can you expect from us?

During my lessons I always talk at length. And then I thought that I might be able to share more on a blog. There is also a place that our students could fall back on if they are at a loss. You can expect honesty from us, openness about our products, tutorials and other tips and tricks. So feel free to ask questions under the posts so we can answer them! #Sharingiscaring

What are my favorite products?

If you love Nail Art as much as I do, you always want the best products to create the most detailed and beautiful designs. In my opinion, these are the products that should not be missing from your collection!

If you're looking for a brush that allows you to create beautiful, precise lines, I recommend the Tati brush Printemps. This brush is made of high-quality Japanese hair and makes working with Nail Art designs a lot easier. Are you a beginner or do you occasionally do nail art at home and don't necessarily want to invest in a more expensive brush? Then choose our Double headed fineliner . This is a great brush if you are new to the nail scene! This is one of the first products I developed. This brush made it easier for me to draw fine lines in the beginning and you have 2 sizes in 1 brush!

For a perfect BIAB treatment I recommend my favorite color Teddy, followed by 019 . Especially if you have clients with a brown skin tone, Teddy is an excellent color choice. If it is too pink in tone, you can apply Dune or Chiffon over Teddy to slightly adjust the undertone.

When it comes to creating detailed details with Chrome art, Colortone's black paint gel is a real must-have. This no-wipe gel is perfect for creating fun details and an all-over chrome look. In addition, this paint gel has a super nice varnish and is the perfect varnish for outlining your designs.

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