Biab perfection + E manicure 1-on-1 class (Private class)
Biab perfection + E manicure 1-on-1 class (Private class)

Biab perfection + E manicure 1-on-1 class (Private class)


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This is a 1-on-1 class. This way you will receive sufficient guidance and we can tailor our work to your needs and learning points!

Important: for this class you must have experience with BIAB and working with an e-file! You already work a lot with the product and already have extensive experience with gel polish. We will perfect your techniques in this class. So the focus is really on perfecting your existing BIAB treatment and the e-manicure. For more information, email

Date: in consultation when it suits you best!

Time: 6.5 hours

Location: Boslaan 43, Hoofddorp

What do we cover in class?
NN-Treatment / Biab treatment what is the difference between the 2? You will perform an extensive analysis on your model. What kind of treatment and form is best for her? You will learn to draw up a treatment plan.

Nail basics:
Anatomy of the nail
Disinfection of your hands

Perform BIAB treatment with all the tips and tricks!

Milling bits:
Which router bits you can use when and at what speed. And information about disinfecting and sterilizing your mouthguards and other tools.

You will need your own model with clean nails that you must bring with you.

The items required for the class can be ordered separately or as a complete package. Participants can purchase these with a 15% discount. When you confirm your registration, we will send you more information about the different packages. During the course days, purchases can be made with the same discount for students! For more information, email: