Excavator Round Edge With Blacks File

Excavator Round Edge With Blacks File


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The Footlogix® Excavator Round Edge with file for precision toenail work is made of high-quality medical-grade Solingen stainless steel. Designed bilaterally to remove excess dirt around and under toenails, the tool has finely machined tips.

Side 1 features the Excavator with a round edge that effectively cleans dirt from the nail groove and under the free edge. It has a small, smooth head that makes it very easy to reach tight sidewalls and clean up nail debris.

Side 2 of the tool is equipped with a file. This narrow, double-sided head helps non-invasively smooth sharp edges and spicules.

The ergonomic textured grip ensures easy use and safe handling. This highly durable and durable instrument is easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize.