Foot soak concentrate - 3.78L
Foot soak concentrate - 3.78L

Foot soak concentrate - 3.78L


A pH-neutral, gently cleansing, concentrated formula with antibacterial properties. The product has a fresh scent, optimally hydrates the skin and softens calluses .

FOOTLOGIX® FOOT SOAK CONCENTRATE with Urea and Aloe vera is a pH-balanced, gentle cleansing and moisturizing foot bath with antimicrobial properties

• Not tested on animals

Capacity: 3.78L

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add one teaspoon of Footlogix® FOOT SOAK CONCENTRATE to 2 to 3 liters of warm water

• Soak feet for 5 to 10 minutes (or less than 5 minutes for diabetics)

• Remove the feet from the foot bath and pat dry gently but thoroughly

• Footlogix® FOOT SOAK hydrates the skin and softens hardness, making cuticle care and callus removal easier and faster

• Also ideal as a wax emulsion for the whole body

Learn all about it Dermal Infusion Technology® :
• Discover the mechanism that sends the active ingredients directly through the stratum corneum, deep into the skin layers.

• Experience the technology that ensures that the active ingredients reach exactly where they are needed in the skin.

• No greasy film to suffocate the skin - our products allow the skin to breathe.

• Hydration that allows the skin to resume its normal functions.

• Footlogix provides healthy, cared for feet that you will embrace.