Peacci Smooth Foot File
Peacci Smooth Foot File
Peacci Smooth Foot File

Peacci Smooth Foot File


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Product description Peacci Smooth Foot File:

Want to buy Peacci Smooth Foot File? Want to buy a glass file for feet? Need a glass foot file? Looking for the best foot file? Finally the foot file of your dreams! Our Peacci Smooth Foot File is one of a kind. The foot file has an innovative micro grain technology that allows you to quickly file away the hardest skin and give your feet a nice and smooth result again. The teardrop shape fits snugly in the palm of your hand and the tapered end is perfect for focusing on smaller areas like toes. Best of all, you can simply rinse the Peacci foot file under the tap, your file will be clean in seconds! Sustainable and long-lasting cleaning without causing damage. A great dream file. Plus, your feet will stay smooth AF with this foot file!

  • Glass foot file that is endlessly reusable
  • Quickly and easily removes hard skin
  • Effortless to clean
  • Unique and sleek design
  • Sustainable innovative micro grain technology
  • 98% of people say this is a game changer

How does the Peacci Smooth Foot File work:

Use the Peacci Smooth Foot File on dry feet, using the micro grain side of the file to remove dry, hard skin. Do this with quick, steady movements. Wipe the feet with a dry towel and continue to file away any remaining dry skin. Use the tapered end of the file for smaller areas such as toes. Rinse with warm water. For a more intensive foot scrub, apply a generous dollop of Peach ManiPedi Scrub to the foot file and work into dry or hard skin. Rinse the excess scrub from your feet. To clean your file, rinse under the tap for a few seconds, easy!

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